• Guided by the basic principles of trade union solidarity, equality, independence, autonomy and transparency.
  • Principal role of workers' education to raise workers' consciousness of their conditions, rights and capabilities to change that condition.
  • Upholds the belief that labor organizing and education are inseparable and must continuously be developed, especially in the light of the new arena of struggle confronting the workers and other basic sectors throughout the world.
  • Affirms that labor education is an integral component of strengthening workers solidarity in trade unions, civil society groups and with other social movements.


PIPSEA is founded on the basic principle of democracy, solidarity, transparency, independence, gender equality and responsible militancy. It aims establish a stable and strong Federation by:

a.) Providing the members equal protection and opportunities, due recognition and treatment irrespective of their status, gender, tribe, origin, creed, religion, political beliefs and affiliation, potentials and abilities.

b.) Serving as fora by which all members can express their common and collective concerns.

c.) Initiating a sustained organizing and affiliation program.

d.) Developing Welfare Programs.

c.) Pro-actively participating in governmental policy formulation.

Executive Officers (April 30, 2014 - April 30, 2017)

Chairperson: Felix B. Cabuguas Jr
Vice-Chairperson: Rodel E. Leocario
General Secretary: Miguel Maga Jr
Treasurer: Joebeth S. Dalisay
Auditor: Alvin S. Malificiado
Luzon Area Chair Representative: Ruel V. Llaguno
Visayas Area Chair Representative:
Mindanao Area Chair Representative: Miladel S. Capitania